obsessions and farewells.

Every time I go on UrbanOutfitters' website I  find myself eyeing this beautiful kaleidoscope quilt! It's the perfect mix of granny-meets-aztec and the quirky geometrical shapes are mesmerizing. I am on the hunt for a look-a-like of this baby. Maybe I'll get lucky on vacation while thrifting and score a quilt like this!

Which brings me to my next topic; I'll be on vacation for the next week! No worries, after that I will have plenty of outfits and thrift finds and who knows, maybe a video ;] I need to get this blog out there, I'm just not sure how hahah:] one day I'll get there:]

See you lovelies when I get back!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

6 responses to obsessions and farewells.

  1. i've thought about buying this quilt multiple tines as well! maybe some day...

  2. Effy says:

    haha I know how you feel doll, I do that with everything on their website :P


  3. nicole marie says:

    lissa- I don't know why, but I can't keep my eyes off of it! I'll probably end up buying it knowing me haha:]

    effy- first off, your name is absolutely amazing :] and i know! i spend hours filling my shopping cart with so much stuff and I never end up buying anything haha:]


  4. Effy says:

    pmsl! see that's my problem I actually buy so much :P It like my fave new shop

    hugs and kisses

  5. Chelsea says:

    that quilt is awesome! you may be able to find something like it with a few weeks of thrifting or stopping into flea markets/vintage stores!

  6. nicole marie says:

    i certainly hope so chelsea! My luck, I'll give up and buy it and then the next day find a look-a-like somewhere haha!

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