i need to stop buying things.

For weeks I've been telling myself I need to end this huge shopping kick I've been in, buuuut when I saw Gap had such a great sale, I couldn't hold it in- I had to go. So when my mom and I had some free time to go shopping, I knew Goodwill and Gap were on my list! Everything at Gap was 40% off and the sale rack was an additional 50% off! For about an hour my mom and I searched the steamy store (they didn't have an air conditioner! i was miserable in my maxi-dress!) for things in our size since it was the last day of the sale and most things were gone.

I'm pretty happy of my finds :]

Friday, July 22, 2011

2 responses to i need to stop buying things.

  1. poca says:


    Thanks for checking out my blog style.spot.run. Looks like we share the same passion for thrifting, so glad! Love to meet fellow thrifters.

    Im digging those green shorts A LOT - will go so cute with your blonde hair!

    Keep checking back and keep me posted on your latest thrift finds.

    Thrifting Trends/Thrifting Runway/Thrift Style

  2. nicole marie says:

    Thank you for coming and checking out my blog! It's not much right now, but hopefully I can get it going! I love thrifting, so when I saw your blog I instantly clicked follow!

    I think I'll get some great use of the shorts! I'm not one for buying the same thing in 2 colors, but these seemed perfect and are such a great length!

    I've bookmarked your blog so whenever I need some style inspiration I know where to go!


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