Here's a few things I've gotten lately; there's so much more, but I felt like it would begin to get boring.. If you guys would like a video of me showing everything, I can totally do that, just ask

First off, I got these awesome high-waisted jeans with the most amazing bell-bottoms from Gap, but bought at the Goodwill for around $6

I got all of these amazing shoes! Brown Chukkas-Salvation Army for $13(they were a French brand and are the comfiest things ever.)  Black Gladiators- Plato's Closet for $7      White strappy sandals- Michael Kors from Goodwill for $3.
brown espadrilles- urban outfitters for $10. they are so comfy and I LOVE the added height.

I fell in love with this Donna Karen cropped sweater from Goodwill for $6

This black sparkly purse matches everything. My grandma gave me this:] I fetched the map purse from a local Vintage-Thrift store for $2.

                           I hate Forever21, but this top is adorable and although it was $17, I feel like I will get plenty of use out of it.

These tribal printed shorts from Goodwill were $4 and will be so cute with some wedges.

 I love this teacher skirt from SalvationArmy and it was only $3. This will go well with the Forever21 top.

                               I found this Forever21 dress perched on a mannequin in Goodwill and could not resist! It was only $8..

                                                                       Sugar helped me blog ;]

I got some more things from Forever21 and Urbanoutfitters, if you want a post or video showing them, all you have to do is   ask

So I pretty much totally stole this format of a blog post from MelissaMUSIK. I don't have anyone to take cutesy blog pictures of me and what i'm wearing, so..uh..i'm kind of stuck with cheesy pictures with horrible flash. yay! ;] 
CHECK OUT MISSY'S BLOG:  http://melissamusik.com   She is pretty much my style inspiration and she makes the best thrift hauls.

Monday, August 15, 2011 7 Comments

new hair!

I rarely get my hair cut. I usually just cut it myself because I'm pretty cheap like that. But today I went and got it done a friend of my brother's and I'm pretty much in love.

shoes-sal army

my new doc martens came today! I was so excited, but they were in the completely wrong size and way too big!!
So sadly, I'm sending them back and having to wait 2 more weeks! ugh, i wish there was a quick way to instantly get things you order online!

I'm SO sorry I haven't posted since i got back from vacation, I've been so super busy! I have a haul video I've made of the things I bought while on vacation, mostly thrifted. Would anyone be interested in it?

oh! and I almost totally forgot, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I've gained so many followers and I haven't even been posting frequently!
I apologize, you guys deserve more posts, and will definitely be getting more, I promise!!
thank you so very much!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 3 Comments

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